This page lists frequently asked questions, and answers them.

1. Q: Can I see programmes which are part of a series?

A: Yes.  On the page with the days of the week, scroll down to see an alphabetical list of series names.

2. Q: Playback is stuck on “Connecting” or “Playing (buffering NNN)”, what’s happening?

A: It’s connecting to the BBC servers.  This can take a little while, especially over mobile data links (not WiFi).  In some circumstances, the counter could reach up to 30.  Be patient!  Normally, on WiFi, you could expect to connect in 3-5 seconds.


2 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Paul L

    I’m running version 1.7 and I’ve hit a problem.

    Using a WiFi connection to play a programme the status at the bottom sticks at the “connecting” message, I had been using the app without problems for a week or two prior to this occurring. I’ve tried using my mobiles internet connection rather that WiFi and this works, albeit slowly, so a problem appears to have developed for some unknown reason wiith using my WiFi.

    Has this bug been reported previously?

  2. and1000 Post author

    Normally I find WiFi works better than the mobile network. But yes, occasionally it seems to get stuck in the “Connecting” state. The phone’s streaming software doesn’t give a lot of information about what’s going on, so I can’t show a better error message, sorry.
    You can try going back to the listings page, and using the “Stop Playing” menu option, and trying again. That sometimes helps if things get stuck.


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