error: preAvailablity

From the end of February 2015, the BBC have turned off all WMA (Windows Media Audio) streams, so no radio stations will work in Listen Again.

Version 2.1 will show message saying “error: preAvailablity”, and I’ve just released an update which gives a clearer message when the app starts.

I’ve had a quick look at the AAC streams but they use HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) which is not natively supported on Windows Phone, so using them is not easy.

I do this app in my spare time, so don’t really have a huge amount of time available to fix this.  If I find time, great.  If not, well, thanks for playing along!


12 thoughts on “error: preAvailablity

  1. Andy

    Thank you for creating the app. Certainly one of my favorite ones and hope you are able to update it. If ever there was an app I’d pay for, this is it.
    If not, then I appreciate what you did.

  2. Steve

    It’s a brilliant app and like others have said I’d be happy to pay for this. I hope that you can get it working again.

    So much easier than BBC Iplayer.

    Thank you for providing the service for the last few years.

      1. Steve

        Unfortunately Iplayer – doesn’t work too well on windows phone – keeps dropping out making it virtually unusable

  3. Laurence

    This is a great app. Much better than BBC iPlayer. I’d be happy to pay for a new version. Please find the time to update it 😊

  4. Steve


    I have just started using LA again.

    I know the native streaming will not work, since Feb 15, but , it is great for finding programmes and then accessing the BBC podcast webpage from the link you provide and that works great.

    So I think you should relaunch it and just make it clear that this is the way it works now.

    I can get to programmes much quicker and more easily than I would if I used BBC IPlayer Radio (which takes ages to find programmes and often freezes up during playing)

    So thankyou again for providing such a useful service.



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