BBC phasing out support for Windows Media

You might hear a short (30 second?) pre-recorded message before the start of a programme, which says something along the lines of:

Windows Media Player is not going to be supported anymore and at the end of the year your device will no longer be supported. You should contact your device manufacturer.

This is news to me.  I am investigating possible fixes.

In the meantime, I understand that once the announcement has finished playing, the normal programme starts to play as expected.


6 thoughts on “BBC phasing out support for Windows Media

  1. Tony

    Have you any updates on this? I’m missing my radio – the official app doesn’t work properly on my HTC 8S and now LA won’t play.

    Thanks for a great app.

  2. and1000 Post author

    I haven’t heard any more, sorry. Listen Again seems to work for most people, most of the time. You do need a good network connection, however.

  3. Tony

    It turns out that there are three ways in which this problem can be resolved: reboot the Wi-Fi router that you are connected to, reinstall Listen Again, or if all that fails, hard-reset your phone (make sure it is backed up first as a hard reset will delete everything).

  4. ade

    Great app, but afraid nothing working for past few days. Everything returns Error: Preavailability.
    Hope you can fix.

  5. and1000 Post author

    From the end of February 2015, the BBC turned off all WMA streams, so the Listen Again app won’t work, sorry! You will see these “error: preAvailablility” messages for all streams.


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